Voice Portfolio

Huawei_director cut_60sec_1

Hey good looking! I thought you already had a girlfriend! :-)

David, Hannah & Joakim – Say it with Nutella!

Philip for Dr. Pepper

Hanna, your Lidl: Feels both fresh and healthy!

Professional acting Maggan, but what was in the present…? Talking People without talking, that´s the result of quality acting!

Telge Energi: Evjenia dearest! The electricity is sparkling around you! Talking People is powered by you <3

Dear Philip Hughes! The expression that you brought to this commercial is fantastic! You really show the other members of Talking People what we stand for

OMG, great performance by Anna Widing for My Days!

Watch the beer commercial with two of our best Talking People models!!! Thank you Johnny and Emil for professional acting. I am proud to be your agent!

Biolectra with actress Anna Widing from Talking People! Fresh and professional, we like!

Our VOICE jumping microphone! Our professional sound engineer Anders, dubbed his own voice and succeeded to give the microphone the right sound!

Norvikudden harbour in Nynäshamn; Swedish version

Norvikudden harbour in Nynäshamn: Englich version