Voice tjänster

Voice works actively with branding so that the end userʼs experience becomes stronger and has a more powerful impact. You’ve probably heard our voice actors in many different contexts. Since 1992 weʼve been helping our clients to choose the right voice and the right sound (both music and background) for a wide range of productions, en-hancing the end userʼs experience.

Via our carefully considered, long-term branding strategy, we have, over the years, had the privilege of helping banks, insurance companies, utility companies, logistics companies, telecom providers, publishing houses, TV and radio production compa-nies, and many others!

Itʼs a thoroughly enjoyable and creative job which obviously places significant de-mands on us as suppliers.

Let us welcome you as our client!

Voices from around the world

Our voice bank contains a wide variety of voice characters.

You can browse it by language, gender and age.
For over 20 years Voice Professional has provided voices for switchboards, IVR technologies, ATMs, elevators, GPS, banks, buses and metro systems, commercials, animated childrenʼs films, e-learning, museum audioguides, books for the blind, periodicals and much, much more.

Many companies have chosen exclusivity contracts with our voice actors so that their branding is stronger. Such companies then have exclusive rights to use specific voices as part of their audio brand.

Talking People

Our image and video gallery contains different characters, extras, models, actors, musical artists and musicians. Those who use their voices professionally can be found both in the voice bank and in the image gallery. We also cast animals.

The challenge for us is to find the right people with the right character for your commercials as well as other productions involving images of people or on-screen performances.

We want you, our clients, to gain market share with your productions!

Obviously our voice and image & video galleries are linked to each other, just in case youʼre looking for someone who has a professional voice as well as the right appearance and character.

You choose, we provide!

GPS and Telecom

Nordea is one of many banks which use us for their IVR services and if you use a GPS in your iPhone then youʼre probably listening to one of our voices. Do you have 3 as your mobile phone network provider? If you do then it’s probably one our professional voices you can hear when you use many of 3ʼs services.

Perhaps you’ve travelled on Stockholmʼs public transport or Skånetrafikenʼs buses, or maybe youʼve used Swedish train operator SJʼs telephone services or visited museums and listened to their audioguides. If you have, most probably itʼs our voices youʼve been listening to without even realizing it!

Even the elevator telling you which floor you’re on, or ATMs and and security tokens which provide you with information about your balance if you are visually impaired use voices which were recorded in our studios.

Books for the blind, audiobooks and e-newspapers

Weʼll gladly produce an e-newspaper for you! An e-newspaper can contain both films and audio recordings, so that the person ”reading” the e-newspaper gets even more out of its contents.

A voice can communicate in so many different ways.
A voice actor suited to reading informative texts, audiobooks and books for the blind where image descriptions must be adapted to the listenerʼs requirements may not be suitable for commercials.

Itʼs important to choose the right voice for the right production, and thatʼs where we can help you.

Translation & Copy

Sometimes people come to us with a script thatʼs been run through Google Translate. This can be quite frustrating for the conscientious voice actor who would rather not record a poorly-translated text. Voice Professional can help you ensure your script is perfect before your chosen voice actor enters the studio.

Sometimes we receive a dubbing script where a joke has been lost in translation, or a set of lyrics which after translation have become too long for the music – perhaps they no longer rhyme or have the right metre.
As you can probably imagine, this makes things difficult for us during recording.
With Voice Professionalʼs help you can avoid unforseen expenses.

Which words will you use? Are they used consistently across all your channels of communication?
Indescriminate use of words such as PIN, personal identification number and pass-word in the same production can cause confusion the end user.

Instructions such as “enter your telephone number” can also be a problem if the end user doesnʼt know whether to type or say their telephone number. Each set of instructions has to be adapted to its context.

Thereʼs a lot to think about if everything is to work as best as it possibly can. Let us give you a hand!

Film & TV Commercials

Which message do you wish to convey? Does the actor in the film match the voice-over conveying the message? Is the script of an appropriate length? Does the dubbing correctly match the actorʼs lips?

Background music or background sound? Are the sound levels and the overall mood in harmony with the rest of the production?
Voice Professional can help you with casting voices and actors for your productions.

Weʼll make sure that everything is right and that your message is genuine when it reaches its target audience.

Radio commercials and recordings

From script ideas to musical jingles, voice-overs and background sound, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to meeting your deadlines.

Children’s voices, teenage voices, dogs barking, older men speaking Gutnish, or per-haps women with Mexican accents?
Ask us about Airtime and we will help you find the right channels.

You choose, we deliver!

Apps & Games

Let us help you give your users an experience in which moving images and sound blend together as one to tantalize your usersʼ sensory tastebuds.

We want to create an inner journey for your users.

Our aim is to satisfy your users and customers.

Music & Mixing

When background sounds and music clash with the production as a whole, any message you wish to convey is bound to be disrupted.

Let us help you achieve harmony in your productions!

With musicians, singers and songwriters by our side, let us make your vision into reality!

Speech Synthesis

Voice Professional casts voice actors for speech synthesis recordings. Speech synthesis requires a consistent voice and voice actors with a feel for an appropriate rhythm and tone, voice actors who can really listen and then accurately mimic what they hear. In speech synthesis, all possible sounds and sound combinations in a given language are recorded and then played back when a text is entered to be read aloud with the help of speech synthesis.

All sounds must be recorded with extreme precision so that the final result is not compromised.

Voice Professional can be hired both for the casting of voice actors and for recording in our own studios.

Here at Voice Professional we have our own speech synthesis system – we call it SOFIA.