About Us

Voice professional works with voice-based communication and has one of Europe’s largest voice banks, enabling us to meet our clientsʼ international requirements. Since 1992, Voice Professional has helped many companies to build their audiobrands via a holistic approach. We are able to offer voice actors who speak the languages and dialects you require, seven sound studios, film and animation services, editing, and file conversion, as well as script editing and translation services.

When it comes to applications and platforms, we have the know-how and the experience. If the technology doesn’t work, then neither will the end result. All the pieces of the puzzle have to fall into place in the right order. Our entire production process is coordinated and carried out under one roof, guaranteeing a cost-effective and stream-lined production. Too many cooks always spoil the broth!

We are a company with warmth and personality, and you, the client, are always in our sights. Visit our Portfolio for inspiration and examples of what we can help you with.