Words convey meaning. But it takes a voice to bring them to life.
The right voice becomes part of your brand identity. And when you’ve chosen the perfect voice artist, we can set up exclusivity contracts to protect your brand’s distinctive spoken personality.
At Voice Professional, we have almost 30 years’ experience in giving voice to our clients’ stories. From commercials, animations and audiobooks to ATMs, elevators, buses and metro systems, we can help you find the perfect voice for the messages you need to convey.


A poor translation can spoil your message. We can help.
A badly translated script is frustrating to work with, for voice actor and client alike. It can also sound clumsy, or even comical, to the intended listener. Perhaps a joke has been lost in translation…or lyrics no longer fit the music. A poor translation also costs you more, in wasted studio time, re-booked recording sessions and extra post-production work.
There is an easier way; let us finesse your translation before the studio session begins. By ensuring your script sounds right to a native speaker we can save you time and money – as well as getting your message across with clarity.

Clear and consistent gets results
Voice Professional can help check consistency in the use of terms like PIN, personal identification number, username and password. With an instruction like ‘enter your telephone number’; is it clear whether the user should say or type the number? By working with you to edit the script before the studio time begins, we’ll help you make the best use of your time and budget.


Film and TV Commercials
There’s an art to matching a voice to a face. And we’re masters.
We’re more than a recording studio. We love the challenge of finding the right voice for dubbing on film or TV commercials. And making sure the words in the script match the lip movements you see on screen.
We’re part of your creative process – matching background music and effects to the filmed material and getting sound levels seamless. We take pride in getting every detail right, so the finished film or commercial fulfils the director’s vision whatever your chosen language.

Radio commercials and recordings
We love radio. And it shows.
With radio commercials, every second counts. In 30 seconds or less you can create a mood, tell a story and sell your brand. We’re happy to be closely involved in the process, including scripting, choosing the right voice, creating jingles or sound effects.

Let your imagination roam: children’s voices? Dogs barking? Dialect speakers, or accents? We’re up for the challenge. And because we’re passionate about the power of radio, we can also advise on the right stations for your media campaign.

Audio Books

There’s something magical about being read to.
It’s no wonder more and more people are turning to audio books. Stories told by the spoken voice take us all back to the wonder of childhood bedtime stories. And the beauty of smartphones and ear buds means you can listen anywhere, anytime.

But finding the right voice is all-important. After all, it’s the voice that leads the listener into an imaginary world. We have a wide network of voices for you to choose from, and we’ll be happy to set up a test recording so you can be confident in your choice.

Our proof readers will check the speaker is pronouncing names and words as the author intended, while our expert recording engineers will ensure the finished audiobook is free from distracting external sounds. As proof of our track record, we’re one of the few specialists able to convert audiobooks into Daisy 2.02 for the visually impaired.

Synthetic voice recording

Precision makes perfect
Speech synthesis recordings are the foundation of thousands of everyday, automated interactions, based on a ‘databank’ of all possible sounds and sound combinations in any given language.
It’s a demanding role for the voice artist, calling for total consistency of voice, rhythm and tone. A good voice artist needs to be able to listen and accurately mimic the component sounds they hear. On the other side of the mic, the recording engineer also must work carefully and precisely.
You can hire Voice Professional both for the casting of voice actors and for recording in our own studios. Alternatively, we have our own speech synthesis system, called SOFIA.


You’ve probably heard from Voice Professional already…
Do you use GPS on your iPhone? You’re already listening to one of Voice Professional’s voices. We have also provided the IVR voices for a major mobile phone network, as well as banks, public transport operators, museum audio guides and many more.

It’s a long and growing list. That’s why we’re confident we have the experience, the skills and the can-do attitude to make your IVR system recording trouble-free and cost-efficient.


Want to produce an e-newspaper? How about a newspaper or talking book for the visually impaired? When do we start?
DAISY is a standard system for digital audiobooks, periodicals, and computerized text. It is a complete audio substitute for print material and is designed for people with ‘print disabilities’, including blindness, impaired vision, and dyslexia. As an e-newspaper, for instance, can contain both films and audio recordings, the listener can get even more out of its contents.

We are one of few companies able to produce in DAISY format and have delivered content to MTM for many years. As ever, it’s all down to matching the right voice to the material. And with our extensive voice database and years of experience, we can make recording your DAISY production a pleasure from start to finish.


A good podcast creates a shared world. Let’s build it together.
Podcasts offer listeners the opportunity to curate their own audio world and listen when they want. The best ones create a sense of shared interest between podcaster and listener – like a discussion between friends. By working with Voice Professional, your podcast will have the professional production values that make it appealing to listen to, from background music to a smooth sound balance between different source materials.
So before you create your podcast, come and talk to us. It could make all the difference.

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About us

We’ve been in business since 1992. And we’re as passionate as ever.

Voice Professional has the state-of-the-art sound recording resources you’ll need to create an international audio brand. Yet we’re still enthusiasts at heart, as ready to work on a local podcast as a global advertising campaign.

Voice Professional offers one of Europe’s largest voice banks, covering a wide range of languages and dialects. We’re experienced in all the key applications and platforms and their requirements.

As well as our own recording studio, we work with a network of partner sound studios worldwide. We also offer film and animation services, editing, and file conversion, as well as script editing and translation services, to deliver a seamless in-house production service under one roof. We believe that delivers a better result, more smoothly and cost-effectively than outsourcing from multiple suppliers.

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